Site inductions

  • Ensure every employee, contractor, and any visitors are aware of any risks on your property.
  • Digitalise your job safety analysis – site maps – risks so that there are records of your inductions

Risk register

Allows team members to record risks as they arise. Risks can be added into your site inductions in a few clicks or sent out to employees to make them aware of new risks

Incident reporting

WorkSafe and Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (NZ) aligned approach to recording incidents, auditing, and overseeing your organisation

Dashboard overview

Dashboard view summaries of all H&S alerts, risks, and incidents. You can print it off for reporting or click into the charts to learn more

Messages and reminders

Inbuilt communications/messaging allows for optimal monitoring of ongoing risks

Checklists and audits

Individual or shared checklists-audits can be conducted using the platform. Assign checklists to an employee or contractor – see comments and a timestamp of when items were reviewed

Emergency procedures

This is where we will re-write your bullet points to include one-two sentences that succinctly explains in further details what AgriSmart covers with the header point

Equipment logs

A comprehensive system that allows you to upload maintenance guides for use, log any use, or maintenance that happens to your equipment

Hazardous substances

A list of substances, usage guide upload, volumes, active ingredients, and more information can be saved within the hazardous substances system

Man in Health and Safety Equipment

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